What is Ezilon Local ?

Ezilon local is a local directory of U.S Cities, were users can look up, browse or submit their business listings or website(s) for inclusion. All listings and business information must be 100% U.S resident sites or must be doing business in the cities listed in the directory.

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Frequent Answered Questions at Ezilon.com Local
1).Who can list their website or submit their business profiles in Ezilon Local?
Ezilon local accepts ONLY business information and website that offer business services in the city specified.
2).Is Submitting to Ezilon Local Free?
Yes, you can submit your business profile and information for free, but can enhance your listings by adding website url in your listing and site listing title.
3).How long does it take for submitted listings at Ezilon Local to be visible to users?
Submitted listings should be visible to our site users immediately our editors review that for inclusion.
4).Do you accept every contents or business for inclusion?
Our human editors are given the chance to review all listings submitted for accuracy. They may remove any listing not suitable for inclusion.
5).Can i submit my url or enhance my listings later?
Yes, you can submit your url or enhance your listing anytime you are ready with your website.
6).Can i submit my company information without submitting our companies website url?
Yes, you can submt your company information and can include your company website url later.
7). What is the difference between Free listing and Enhanced listings?
Users can list their company information, phone, address, fax for free, but in enhanced listings mode you can submit your url, add your company descriptions in full details or add logo, product or service pictures. Visitors can visit your website for more information and contact you directly using your email address as per your website policy. Enhanced listings are also placed first before free listings since we want our site users to browse websites which can improve our users experience and retention.
8). If my company's website change in the future can i update my listing?
Yes, you can easily change your website url in the future by using the "Edit" link seen when you login into your site account.