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First Choice Carpet Cleaning

  315 Fourth Ave, Los Angeles, CA 91910
  (619) 754-4230
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We are here for you and all of our customers right away when you need our care.

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First Choice Carpet Cleaning doesn�t just come in and subject you to a quick, shoddy cleaning that results in spoiled carpet or tile. We always give a thorough wall to wall cleansing for the carpet and flooring you need cleaned � your floors will always look in great shape when you�ve dealt with First Choice Carpet Cleaning!

If you have any question or would like to get some information you need, please fell free to call us at (619) 754-4230. Our representatives will be happy to help you!

First Choice Carpet Cleaning uses only products that are safe for the environment and non toxic, yet are guaranteed to clean your fabrics and carpets just as well as any other product! You can rest easy, knowing for certain that your building or home and those who live and work there are not in any danger from the use of other kinds of cleaning supplies.

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