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  (310) 815-9553      1171 S. Robertson Blvd. #140, Los Angeles, California 90035 Detail
Provides advising and editing services in Los Angeles, California.

  1-323-285-5244      P. O. Box 39908, Los Angeles, CA 90039 Detail
Provides proofreading and copyediting services.

David's Video Editing
  213.250.9929       1416 Macbeth Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026-3422 Detail
Provides sales, new product intros, training, cable TV commercials, PSA's, Corporate image and music videos.

Planet Video
  (323) 651-3600      1617 N. El Centro, Los Angeles, CA 90028 Detail
Specialized in demo for talented newcomers, working actors and established celebrities.