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Green Valley Carpet Cleaning

  14754 Friar Street, #4, Los Angeles, CA 91411
  (818) 646-2884
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We are enhancing our quality service to meet your standards in carpet cleaning.

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Make the call to our team today, and discover exactly what it means to have a team of carpet cleaning professionals in Van Nuys, CA by your side at all times.

Green Valley Carpet Cleaning specialists in Van Nuys, California can also help you when you need a professional to clean your furniture�s upholstery as well. Whether your furniture was purchased years ago or is relatively new, it doesn�t matter, as we can clean and repair the furniture�s upholstery thanks to the best techniques and tools in the industry.

Green Valley Carpet Cleaning guarantees that you�re furniture�s upholstery is going to look better than ever before, and that is a promise that we will always keep.

Make the call to us at (818) 646-2884 today and allow us to provide you with a helping hand immediately.

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