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Best Attitude Insurance
  800/400-9949      PO Box 76936, Los Angeles, CA 90076 Detail
Provides online quotes for affordable health plans, group health insurance and long term care.

National Business Insurance Agency
  310-659-4700      1017 N. La Cienga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069 Detail
Provide health, life and business insurance services including both individual, family and group health.

Solid Health Insurance Services
  310-909-6135       960 Stonehill #B, Los Angeles, CA 90049 Detail
Provide insurance policies and suggestions for health, home, life and business insurance package.

UE Health Insurance
  323-393-0303      11766 Wishire Blvd #1100, Los Angeles, CA 90025 Detail
Offers web-based, insurance information to individuals, families and small businesses who are in need of insurance information.