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AC Wholesale
  310-390-7777      11911 W. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066 Detail
AC Wholesale specialize in electrical and lighting supplies for residential, commercial and industrial at very competitive prices.

Bobco Metals
  877-952-6226      2000 S. Alameda St. , Los Angeles, CA 90058 Detail
A wholesale and retail distributor of metals for industry and construction needs.

John A. Batchelor Co Inc
  (323) 262-4125       2853 E 11th St, Los Angeles, CA 90023 Detail
John A. Batchelor provides wire rope and rigging supplies.

Punch Press Products
  323-581-7151       2035 East 51st Street., Los Angeles, CA 90058 Detail
Punch Press provide solution for tooling, precision metal stamping, welding and automated assembly .

Swaging & Tube Forming
  (310) 323-6695      700 E. 139th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90059 Detail
Swaging & Tube Forming specialize in precision tube swaging and fabrication.

Whiting Mead
  323-582-0891      900 East Florence Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90001 Detail
Whiting Mead offers plumbing, heating & industrial supply.