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Tiny World Superstore

  2301 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064
  (310) 444-9763
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Specialize in baby gear, furniture and toy stores services.


jarri schwartz
04/02/2012 20:36:05

What a big disappointment!!!
Let me start of by first saying that there employee was great to deal with and helpful.
NOW THE DISAPPOINTMENT. WE ordered our baby furniture on october 30th and found out on November 10 that our baby boy was very sick and would not make it to full term. Sadly we had to terminate our pregnancy at 21 weeks. It was the most devastating day as you can imagine. I called to see if we could work something out to get a refund because we ordered it just 11 days before.The owner said he would only refund my money with a 20% restocking fee because the dresser was custom. I am assuming this was not the first time dealing with this kind of situation so I figured they would have been a little more compassionate. Needless to say the owner was not so shame on Tiny World!! It will be the last time I shop there or recommend them. Not to mention the paint job was not up to par on the furniture when I finally got it....3months later.

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