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My Music Skool, Inc.
  303-325-7426      6955 So York St, Denver, Colorado 80122 Detail
Serves children from the ages of two and up with all instrument lessons including Piano, Keyboard, Electric, Acoustic & Bass Guitar and more.

Swallow Hill Music Association
  (303) 777-1003      71 East Yale Avenue,, Denver, Colorado 80210 Detail
Provides year-round classes to more than 3,000 adults and children with everything from core guitar classes to specialty skills like swing jazz guitar, from didgeridoo to performance Techniques and dance.

Synergy Media Group
  877.247.5048      3650 Osage Street, Denver, Colorado 80211 Detail
Produces audiophile recordings of original mainstream and modern jazz projects by both internationally renowned artists and musicians who are part of the remarkably vibrant jazz scene in the Denver-Boulder area.

The Music Box
  303-756-9461      5048 E. Hampden Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80222 Detail
A well-known family-owned music store that has serviced the Denver and Colorado music community for over twenty-five years.

Tsunami Music Publicity & Marketing
  303.442.1139      PO BOX 300521, Denver, Colorado 80203 Detail
A unique voice in the crowded conversation, Steve Kimock captures elements of classic rock, jazz, prog and rhythm & blues with matchless soul and emotion.