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Comcast Corporation
  800-934-6489     Detail
Delivers digital services, provides faster Internet and clearer broadband phone service and develops and delivers innovative programming.

Digital Eye, LLC
  (302) 998-6250      1011 Centre Road, Suite 305, Wilmington, Delaware 19805 Detail
Provides a wide array of services, and strive to exceed your expectations for quality, professionalism, and attention to detail.

LocalNet Corp.
  888-488-7265     Detail
Provides the industry's best value in dial-up Internet access.

Negox! Internet Solutions, LLC A web hosting company that uses Everyone's Internet's services, one of America's few profitable ISPs.

WiMAX Internet Providers
  800-398-2128     Detail
Provides client to access the internet wirelessly from anywhere in Wilmington without looking for hotspots or open WiFi connections.