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Coombe-Bloxdorf, PC
  (217) 544-8477      755 S. Grand Ave. , Springfield, Illinois 62704 Detail
A company that focuses on civil and structural engineering for transportation, facility planning and design, and drainage projects as well as land surveying for transportation and commercial needs.

Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick, Inc
  217.546.3400      3085 Stevenson Drive , Springfield, California 62703 Detail
An engineering firm in Springfield that offers civil, structural, environmental, surveying and consulting services.

  (217) 788-2450      1525 S. Sixth St. , Springfield, Illinois 62703 Detail
Specialize in engineering, architecture, commissioning & energy, planning & management, environmental services, construction and project delivery.

Hurst-Rosche Engineers, Inc.
  217.787.1199       601 N. Bruns Lane, Springfield, Illinois 62702 Detail
Is a regional architectural, engineering and construction management firm recognized for design excellence and Technological innovation.

Lin Engineering
  (217) 679-2928      3261 South Meadowbrook Road, Springfield, Illinois 62711 Detail
An engineering company that provides building design, construction, traffic engineering, survey, and more services.

Martin Engineering Company
  (217) 698-8900      3223 South Meadowbrook Road, Springfield, Illinois 62711 Detail
Provide quality services to government bodies, architectural firms, private companies, land developers, and the general public.

Patrick Engineering
  217.391.3500      300 West Edwards Street, Springfield, Illinois 60704 Detail
A firm that offers engineering, design and construction management.