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Health Insurance
  1-877-643-4512     Detail
Specialize in medical insurance includes coverage you need to pay for doctor visits, hospital stays and medical

Hospital Sisters Health System
  217.523.4747      4936 LaVerna Road, Springfield, Illinois 62707-945 Detail
Is a multi-institutional health care system that sponsors 13 hospitals in 12 communities across Illinois and Wisconsin and an integrated physician network.

Illinois Health Care Association
  217.528.6455      1029 S. Fourth Street , Springfield, Illinois 62703-2224 Detail
A firm that provides ong term care facilities and programs throughout the state, intermediate, developmentally disabled, skilled pediatric, assisted living and sheltered levels of care.

Springfield Clinic
  217.528.7541      1025 South 6th Street, Springfield, Illinois 62794-924 Detail
Offers a wide variety of specialties and services provided by the doctors and staff of Springfield Clinic.