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God of War Mixed Martial Arts
  (504) 756-4746      3141 Calhoun St., New Orleans, Louisiana 70125 Detail
Martial arts in New Orleans provides a competitive athletes, general fitness and flexibility, cardio, self-defense, and children's classes.

Krav Maga, Inc
  (504) 324-5705      2901 General DeGaulle Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana 70114 Detail
Krav maga in New Orleans offers a wide variety of aggressive acts including punches, kicks, chokes, bear hugs, defense against multiple attackers.

Nola Aikido
  3909 Bienville Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70119 Detail
Martial arts in New Orleans that offers all share a commitment to ongoing personal, spiritual, and societal growth through discipline and joyful practice.

  504.250.1760      4521 Magazine St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70115 Detail
Nola Bjj in New Orleans offers learn self-defense, martial art, problem solving ability, and self-knowledge of both body and mind.

Red Phoenix Martial Arts
  504-779-5425      4931 West Esplanade Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana 70006 Detail
Martial arts in New Orleans that provides martial art and modern day olympic sport .

  504-944-1880      St. Claude Ave at France St., New Orleans, Louisiana 70117 Detail
Martial arts offers a structured path to health, fitness, and renewed self-confidence and personal safety