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Annapolis Catering
  410-263-7231     Detail
Annapolis Catering specializes in style cooking before expanding into more formal dining and wedding style reception events.

Famous Dave's
  410-224-2207      181 Jennifer Road , Annapolis, Maryland 21401 Detail
Famous Dave's offers dinners, luncheons, brunches, and continental breakfasts, for personal celebrations and Corporate events.

Harry Browne's
  410-263-4332      66 State Circle, Annapolis, Maryland 21401 Detail
Harry Browne's offers quality food and catering events services.

Main Ingredient
  410.626.0388      914 Bay Ridge Road, Annapolis, Maryland 21403 Detail
Main Ingredient offers a bridal shower, caterers, coordinate dessert for a Corporate affair or pick up an afternoon snack.

Palate Pleasers
  410-263-6941      1023 Bay Ridge Avenue, Annapolis, Maryland 21403 Detail
Palate Pleasers offers special wedding cakes are available in a variety of delicious flavors, and caterers services.

Saucy Salamander Cafe and Catering Company
  410.266.1622      2661 Riva Road,, Annapolis, Maryland 21401 Detail
Saucy Salamander Cafe and Catering Company offers a healthy and unique breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday, allowing the weekends and evenings for onsite and off premises catering events.