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Central Rock Climbing Gym
  508-852-7625 &#      299 Barber Avenue,, Cambridge, Massachusetts 01606 Detail
A gym that offers climbing programs, trainings, consulting and management services.

Eastern Mountain Sports
  617-864-2061      1 Brattle Square , Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 Detail
Specialize in climbing consulting, management and recreateional services.

Exxcel Gymnastics & Climbing
  888-812-9582       88 Wells Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02459 Detail
Specialize in climbing consulting, management and training services.

Mayer Power Products
  978-768-9909       7 Scotts Way, Cambridge, Massachusetts 01929 Detail
A shop that offers climbing supplies, consulting, sales and management services.

MetroRock Climbing Center
  617-387-7625 &#      69 Norman Street , Cambridge, Massachusetts 02149 Detail
Specialize in climbing, discovery tours and management services.

New England Sport Academy
  781-493-6345       345 University Avenue,, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02090 Detail
An academy that offers climbing education, instructions, programs and training services.

Ocean State Rock Climbing
  401-333-1531      3 New England Way,, Cambridge, Massachusetts Detail
Specialize in climbing trainings, consulting, programs and management services.

Rock Spot Climbing
  617-333-4433 &#      67 Sprague Street,, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02136 Detail
Provide climbing trainings, programs, instructions and consulting services.

Stardust Gym
  508-378-2223       612 Plymouth Street, , Cambridge, Massachusetts 02333 Detail
Specialize in climbing instructions, programs, consulting and trainings services.

Usvi Rock Climbing
  781-534-2499      28 Wellington Lane,, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02332 Detail
Specialize in climbing instructions, consulting, management and trainings services.