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Alstdi Golf
  617-441-7200      215 1st Street, , Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142 Detail
Specialize in golf sports trainings, management and programs services.

Fresh Pond Golf Course
  617-349-6282      691 Huron Avenue,, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 Detail
Specialize in golf, mini golf, management and training services.

Golf Town
  617-924-1426      615 Arsenal Street, , Cambridge, Massachusetts 02471 Detail
A club that supports golf, mini golf sports, consulting and training services.

Mt Hood Golf Club
  781-665-6656      100 Slayton Road,, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02176 Detail
Specialize in golf sports, trainings, consulting and management services.

Oakley Country Club
  617-484-2400 &#      410 Belmont Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02472 Detail
A club that offers golf trainings, instructions, programs and management services.