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CAC Basketball
  617-491-8989       215 1st Street,, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142 Detail
Specialize in sports consulting, management and trainings services.

Cambridge Athletic Club
  617-491-8989       215 1st St, , Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142 Detail
Specialize in sports, trainings, consulting and management services.

Commonwealth Sports Club
  617-254-1711 &#      1079 Commonwealth Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02215 Detail
Specialize in sports trainings, consulting, management and programs planning services.

Mit Pole Vault Club
  310-686-8765      120 Vassar Street,, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 Detail
A club that provides sports, trainings, management and consulting services.

The Sports Club/LA
  617-375-8200       4 Avery Street,, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02111 Detail
Specialize in media, consulting, management and publishing services.

Wellbridge Athletic Club - Charles Square
  617-441-0800       5 Bennett Street,, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 Detail
A club that offers sports trainings, management, consulting and programs services.