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Totally Kids ships

  7876 Portland Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55420
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Offers a unique children's furniture and accessories plus items for other rooms as well.


06/08/2011 19:32:43

I ordered my daughter her BIG girl furniture from Totally Kids back in April - I asked how long it would take to receive the furniture and was told it would arrive by the end of May. At the end of May i called and was told there was an "issue" and it would be delayed until the end of June. So the end of June comes and goes and no call from TK. I call them and I'm told again that there is an "issue". The manager Annie was inflexible...she would not ship the furniture that was in without shipping the entire order as TK would have to absorb the additional freight cost. I asked to talk to the owner and Annie flatly denied saying she could not share that information with me. So the end of July cames and goes and still no furniture...they have left me hanging on a week by week basis and guess what's August 7th and I still do not have the furniture that I PAID for and was promised 4 months ago!! Totally kids is Totally Wrong!! Dont be'll be disappointed!!

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