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  402-817-4313      4701 Innovation Drive Ste CB104, Lincoln, Nebraska 68521 Detail
Agilx specializes in computer networking, data recovery, spyware and virus removal services.

Armor IT Solutions
  402-370-8890       1401 SW 14th Street , Lincoln, Nebraska 68522 Detail
Armor IT Solutions offers computer networking, data recovery, hadware, virus removal and wireless networking services.

DIT Computers
  402/466-4646       115 S 66th Street , Lincoln, Nebraska 68510 Detail
DIT Computers provides computer networking, data recovery, backup, hadware, spyware and virus removal services.

Mind Vision Software
  402-323-6600      826 P Street Suite 300, Lincoln, Nebraska 68508-1328 Detail
Mind Vision Software offers windows installer, microsoft and software repair services.

  402-323-6266      301 S. 13th St. # 700 , Lincoln, NE 68508 Detail
Digital Signage & Kiosk Software are 2 of the many electronic services that nanonation, based in Lincoln NE, offers to clients all over the United States.