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  212 807 1990      164 Fifth Avenue, New York City, NY 10010 Detail
Is the professional association for inspiration, education, design, business, environment and writing.

Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York
  212-244-6667      520 8th Avenue, Suite 319, New York City, NY 10018 Detail
The service and advocacy organization for the nation's largest, most artistically iNFLuential, and most culturally diverse theatre community.

CITYarts Inc
  212.966.0377      525 Broadway, Suite 602 , New York City, NY 10012 Detail
Empowers children and youth by bringing them together with professional artists to createe public art.

Fractured Aatlas.
  (888) 692-7878      248 W. 35th Street, 10th Fl., New York City, NY 10001 Detail
Help artists and arts organizations function more effectively as businesses by providing access to funding, healthcare, education.

New York State Art Teachers Association
  (212) 598-7772      52 Broadway, New York City, NY 10004 Detail
NYCATA/UFT - A non-profit professional organization for the purpose of advancing the cause of art education.

Triangle Arts Association
  718.858.1260      20 Jay Street, Suite 318, New York City, NY 11201 Detail
TAA services are mid-career international and national visual artists, encouraging dialogue and experimentation.