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  800.724.8218       790 Linden Avenue, Rochester, New York 14610 Detail
Specialize in medical billing and revenue cycle management services.

Priority Medical Billing
  585-582-6234      Priority Medical Billing 41 Brigham Circle Honeoye Falls, NY 14472 , Rochester, New York NY 14472 Detail
A medical billing service that specializes in psychology, physical therapy, internal medicine, orthopedic surgery, orthotics, prosthetics and pedorthics.

Progressive Practice, Inc.
  585.865.8643      P.O. Box 17288 , Rochester, New York 14617 Detail
Provide expert medical billing, practice management solutions and software services.

SmartMedi Billing
  (800) 420-3780        70 Linden Oaks, 3rd Floor, Rochester, New York 14625 Detail
Offers innovation business model for Medical Billing claims processing to all the providers in healthcare industry with focus on physicians and dentists.