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Rochester Diagnostic Imaging Center
  (585) 473-7600      1815 South Clinton Avenue, Rochester, New York 14618 Detail
Offers the most advanced imaging Technology for the face, teeth, and jaws.

Rochester General Hospital
  (585) 922-4483      1425 Portland Ave., Rochester, New York 14621 Detail
Specialize in radiology, medical, pediatrics and cancer center services.

Rochester General Hospital
  1425 Portland Ave, Rochester, New York 14621 Detail
Provide radiology, musculoskeletal radiology and therapeutic radiology services.

Rochester Radiology
   585.266.1000       1415 Portland Avenue, Rochester, New York 14621 Detail
Rochester Radiology offers Imaging With Insight�a superior level of diagnostic, interventional, and therapeutic services.

Strong Memorial Hospital
  601 Elmwood Ave, Rochester, New York 14642 Detail
Specialize in radiology and musculoskeletal radiology services.

Univeristy Medical Imaging
  585.341.9100      4901 Lac De Ville Boulevard, Building D , Rochester, New York 14618 Detail
Specialize in radiology exam, medical imaging and physician services.

University of Rochester Medical Center,
  (585) 275-2121     Detail
Offers radiology, research, clinical practice, clinical diagnostic and therapeutic imaging procedures services.