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  800.548.6708      5550 77 Center Drive, Charlotte, North Carolina 28217 Detail
Enhances education, fighting disease, and software services.

Aestus Technology
  (704) 564-1220      Detail
Specialized in website hosting, a sharp, well-maintained company website, reliable network secure from hackers, HTML e-mail design, website encryption and security.

Avidx Change
  800.560.9305      4421 Stuart Andrew Blvd, Charlotte, North Carolina 28217 Detail
Provides online help, knowledge base, product wizard blogs, and software.

Bradford Software Licensing
   877-226-8150      PO Box 5265, Charlotte, North Carolina 28299 Detail
Specialized in software and related Technology products to students and teachers.

Cerious Software Inc
  1-877-237-4687      1515 Mockingbird Lane, Charlotte, North Carolina 28209 Detail
Offers thumbsplus, photodontics, capsnApper, thumbsplus commander, and mandelbrot.

Digital Sabre
  704 944-5525      10130 Mallard Creek Rd., Charlotte, North Carolina 28262 Detail
Provide saaS, cloud enablement , software product development, sharePoint services, and custom application development.

Tech Blur Specialized in software development and web design solutions.

TULI eServices Offers a range of services including software/database development, web design & development, e-commerce & more.

Xpient Solutions
  704.295.7000      11525 Carmel Commons Blvd, Charlotte, North Carolina 28226 Detail
Provides product training, database development, implementation, consulting, customer care services, software, and hardware maintenance.