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Ar-Razzaq Islamic Center
  919.493.1230      1009 W. Chapel Hill St, Durham, North Carolina 27701 Detail
Ar-Razzaq Islamic Center specialize in islamic way of life based on the Qur´┐Żan and life example of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Beth El Synagogue
  1 919-682-1238      1004 Watts St , Durham, North Carolina 27701 Detail
Beth El Synagogue offers shabbat, daily minyans, haggim holidays, youth education, community events and selichto services.

Durham Church
  (919) 886-4351      2504 N. Roxboro St., Durham, North Carolina 27704 Detail
Durham Church is a multi-generational worshiping community seeking to reflect the diversity of our city, live in solidarity with the vulnerable, and serve students and our neighbors.

Grace Baptist Church
  919-688-6765      1004 North Mangum Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701 Detail
Grace Baptist Church offers spiritual, educational, rosary and caTechism services.

Muhammad Mosque No. 34
  1 919-294-4446      304 S Driver St , Durham, North Carolina 27703 Detail
Muhammad Mosque No. 34 provides educational programs, social services, counseling, youth programs, and weekend islamic school.

New Horizon Church
  1 919-471-6443      100 Horizon Pl , Durham, North Carolina 27705 Detail
New Horizon Church offers religious rules, prayers, news, events planning and social services.