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Bank of America
  1 610-776-6788      1443 W Allen St, Allentown, Pennsylvania 18102 Detail
Bank of America offers mortgages, loans, investments, financial and banking services.

Home Depot
  1 610-791-5990      1951 Glenwood St SW, Allentown, Pennsylvania 18103 Detail
Home Depot offers appliances, baths, building materials, decor, doors, windows, plumbing and electrical services.

Miller, Searles, Bahr & Wills, LLC
  (610) 366-1400      5235 Oakview Drive, Allentown, Pennsylvania 18104 Detail
Miller, Searles, Bahr & Wills, LLC offers a wide array of accounting, tax, and consulting matters.

Schweitzer & Crosson Inc
  800-675-2695      460 Caredean Drive, Allentown, PA 19044 Detail
Schweitzer & Crosson has been recognized as a premier provider of industrial finishing equipment, supplies and services.