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B&F Fastener Supply

  3321 North Potsdam Avenue, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57104
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Specialize in original equipment manufacturing, maintenance repair & operating and construction services.


04/04/2013 10:25:25

Never had a problem with this company best all thread prices in the area

Rating: 5 stars

Chad Meyer
22/08/2012 21:41:27

Interesting review Doug. I am Chad Meyer, the branch manager in S.F. That salesman is no longer with us. This goes against everything we teach as a company. I know Arnie K., from past relationships. I encourage you to ask him about me & B&F, and he can attest to my lack of pushy sales tactics, along with my experience, and knowledge in the industry. I don't expect you to give us a shot if we have pushy salesmen, but please don't assume all B&F is like this.

Rating: 5 stars

11/05/2012 16:35:32

Pushy sales staff. Bothering everyone in our office is not going to get you in the door. When I say I'm busy, I mean it.

Rating: 0 stars

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