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Dallas County Texas
  214-653-6472      509 Main, Room 407 Records Bldg., Dallas, Texas 75202 Detail
Focuses on the judicial system, health, welfare service delivery, law enforcement and road construction.

Joe LaBarba Liquor
  214-321-6468      7540 East Grand Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75214 Detail
Helps Texas clients obtain their liquor, beer and wine licenses.

Judicial Services
  866-449-8980      P.O. BOX 1513, Dallas, Texas 75065 Detail
Provides detailed private investigation, default consulting and legal services.

Northwood Hills Homeowners Association
  P O Box 800874, Dallas, Texas 75380 Detail
Improves property values, deter criminal activity and enhance safety.

Ultrapure and Industrial Sevices
  972-432-9951       4429 Mint Way, Dallas, Texas 75236 Detail
Specialized in membrane cleaning, instrumentation, maintenace and passivation.