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MJB GROUP Security

  2509 Richmond Road 239, Dallas, Texas 75503
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full service licensed and bonded Texas security, consulting & private investigators LLC providing services to businesses and Corporations.

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Private Investigators of Texas; licensed and insured to provide attorney assistance in case preparation, subpoena, citation, petition, discovery documents preparation and services, deep background check, searches, locate witnesses, missing persons, collect evidence to help exonerate, locate hidden or missing assets, divorce, child custody, support, nanny and babysitter check, employee background checks, criminal and civil history, state-of-the-art electronic surveillance, mobile notary public service to businesses (call us 903-244-3965), credit card fraud, stolen name or ID THEFT investigation, accident reconstruction, DWI defense, criminal and/or civil defense.
Our specialized service: we offer mobile-to-business NOTARY service for those businesses in and around Texarkana. Our modest fee of $25.00 at your door. Then you pay only $5.00 for initial signature and $1 for additional signatures (regardless of how many). Call us today at 903-244-3965.

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ATTORNEYS: Looking for civil process with an extremely reliable and dedicated licensed and bonded agency with well over 40 years of experience? Looking for a company to help supplement the civil process service of your papers when your "regular" PI firm is unavailable? Looking for someone who can deliver within an hour if the need arises? Please contact us at 903-244-3965 day or night. We are a full service private investigations company Texas licensed and insured for one million dollars through El Dorado Insurance.

BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS: Looking for a MOBILE NOTARY who is trusted, well known and available 24 hours, seven days a week, at an affordable and realistic price? We pride ourselves in taking that extra level of customer care with every notary service. We are State of Texas certified and fully insured. No need to make those trips to a local mail stop business. Let MJBGROUP LLC provide you with that exceptional notary service. Call us today at 903-244-3965. Or, email us at [email protected] You can also check us out at our web page We are female owned and proud to serve our community.

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