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CEI Logistics
  800-319-0259      2120 Valley View Lane,, Dallas, Texas 75234 Detail
Provides distribution center design, warehouse operations, WMS implementation experts and product slotting consulting services.

  972.746.1335     Detail
A design consulting firm that offers website design, video production and internet marketing services,

Market Response Solutions
  1-800-979-1212      3939 Beltline Road , Dallas, Texas 75001 Detail
Provides mobile advertising, internet marketing, createive concept, design and development services.

  972 302 8284      1200Main Street, , Dallas, Texas 75202 Detail
Provides a complete marketing consultation, brand development, logo design, business card and brochure design services.

Synergy Consultants
  (972) 818-8000       18811 Park Grove Lane, Dallas, Texas 75287 Detail
Offers marketing research, business planning, intellectual property and product development services.