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Academic Language Therapy
  (972) 233-9107      14070 Proton Road, Dallas, Texas 75244 Detail
A non-profit national professional organization dedicated to language education.

Center of English Language
  (214) 696-0027      3434 Forest Lane, Dallas, Taxes 75234 Detail
Offers intensive programs in english as a foreign language to international students, business persons and visitors to the United States.

SIL International
  (972) 708-7400      7500 W. Camp Wisdom Road, Dallas, Taxes 75236 Detail
The organization specialize in language development, by means of research, translation, training and materials development.

SMU Foreign Languages and Literatures
  214-768-2316      3200 Dyer Street , Dallas, Texas 750236 Detail
Offers students the opportunity to discover languages through a wide variety of Technologies.

The Ultimate Language Store
  (888) 310-3643      4434 Ginger Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75211 Detail
Offers Pimsleur foreign language books and software.

Used Pimsleur
  888-310-3643      4434 Ginger Avenue, Dallas, Taxes 75211 Detail
Provides learning German, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Italian and more.