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Doctors Express Urgent Care Center

  9901 Royal Lane, Ste 106, Dallas, Texas 75231
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Full service urgent care licensed medical professionals who are on-site every day, including doctors, nurses, and x-ray Technicians.

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We treat your health care minor emergencies....think of us as filling the gap between your own doctor and the ER...except, we're open 12 hours per day (your doctor's office isn't) and we are about 25-35% the cost of the ER (less pocketbook "ouch"). Think you have strep throat? We can treat it (we have a lab on site). Think you broke your collarbone playing rugby? We can treat it (we have full digital X-Ray). Hate waiting at the pharmacy for your prescription? We use electronic medical records to e-prescribe...sending your prescription electronically to the pharmacy of your choice (the only thing we cannot control is the pharmacist).
Heard horror stories of some urgent care centers...rude staff, waited for hours, the place so dirty you just knew you would come out with some disease. That's not us. Our staff is very friendly and human. Our doctors are board-certified. Our place is new and sparkling clean...and you won't be waiting long. We offer the Shortest Door-to-Doctor Time around.

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