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Elkhorn Valley Rehabilitation Hospital
   307.265.0005      5715 E. 2nd Street, Casper, Wyoming 82609 Detail
Elkhorn Valley Rehabilitation Hospital offers services include physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

Log Cabin Chiropractic
  307-315-6824      1905 CY AVE, Casper, Wyoming 82604 Detail
Log Cabin Chiropractic offers chiropractor for neck and back pain, headaches, migraines, sciatic pain, and herniated discs and specializes in spinal corrective care and rehab.

Wyoming Athletic Clubs
  (307) 265-6928      455 Thelma Dr, Casper, Wyoming 82609 Detail
Wyoming Athletic Clubs specialize in weight loss consultation, nutritional counseling and personal training sessions.

Wyoming Medical Center
  (800) 822-7201      1233 E. Second St, Casper, Wyoming 82601 Detail
Wyoming Medical Center specialize in cardiology, endocrinology, family medicine, general surgery, hematology, and oncology.