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East Cambridge Piano
  (617) 354-4061      343 Meford Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02145 Detail
Specialize in piano tuning, voicing, moving, rental, repair and restoration services.

Guitar Center
  617) 247-1389       617) 247-1389 , Cambridge, Massachusetts 02215 Detail
A newspaper that offers music instruments as piano, guitars, educational and entertainment services.

Music & Arts Center
  (978) 532-3380       300 Andover St, Cambridge, Massachusetts 01960 Detail
Specialize in musical instruments as guitar, piano, teaching and consulting services.

Piano Lessons with Olga Milevskaya
  254 Broadway st.,, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02339 Detail
Provide piano lessons, instructions, teaching and playing services.

Scullers Jazz Club
  (617) 562-4111      400 Soldiers Rd, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02134 Detail
Specialize in piano, guitars, jazz music and music venues services.

Wood & Strings Music Center
  (781) 641-2131       493 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02474 Detail
A company that provides music concerts by guitar, entertainment and festivals planning services.