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Interiors by G Hunter

  Mailing Only: 1514 Sage Ave , Albany, NY 12180
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Offers home staging and estate liquidations for everyone.

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Welcome to Interiors by G Hunter!

As a trusted member of Estate Liquidation and Home Staging groups you can expect nothing but the best from us. We are here to service YOU the Client.

We are changing our website a little to accommodate some new divisions. As you look through our site, be sure to comment on any and all aspects. Also, please offer suggestions - communication is the key - We haven't become the Capital Regions best rated Estate Liquidation Company for no reason.

Our completely computerized system gives you a FULL accounting with Inventory of exactly what was sold, for how much and percentage of discounts (if any). The fact that we DO NOT accept checks to hold up your funds is a major plus. We can do this because we accept CREDIT CARDS, popular cards such as Master Card, VISA and Discover Cards. We have found we sell so much more with this offering. It allows folks to buy as they wish and not have to worry about carrying cash or availability of funds in a checking account.

Please take your time and enjoy our site. Our Home Staging/Redesign section is in the process of update - apologies!

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